How We Stay Connected on a Fully Remote Team

The best work can happen anywhere. (Photo credit: XPS)

You don’t have to travel to break the monotony of business-as-usual.

Pre-COVID, some of us spent most of our time visiting clients, traveling to event locations and launches, and fostering in-person relationships with our partners and teammates. With all travel grounded, we weren’t able to establish those friendly, fruitful partnerships as easily.

Emphasize face-time.

No one would argue that Slack, Zoom, or Google Meet can replace in-person communication. But, recognizing that it isn’t perfect, we put an emphasis on face-time. Video meetings are the next-best thing to in-person meetings. That’s why we tend to have a cameras-on policy at most meetings.

Get competitive.

To make up for seeing each other at client meetings or internal offsites, we set up inter-team competitions. Research shows that communication and shared identity within a team can mediate the effects of physical separation. Remote workers feeling lonely can be reminded of the amazing people they work with. Remote workers feeling burnt out can rekindle some fun and enthusiasm for their jobs.

Zoom trivia getting heated! (Photo credit: Chris Montgomery)

Grow outside of your comfort zones.

We’ve always been remote, but there hasn’t been an organization in existence who wasn’t impacted by COVID. We responded to change by experimenting and finding novel strategies for doing business. We workshopped our brand strategy, implemented new goal-setting tools, and added structure to team one-on-ones. We also streamlined our communication tools suite with an eye toward driving business value without face-to-face dependencies. We committed to growth, even when it was easier to remain comfortable.

When all is said and done…

You don’t have to be a feelings-centric team to understand that escaping business as usual drives partnership. Staying connected in remote work environments means better work, friendlier relationships, and higher satisfaction for everyone.



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